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    Introducing GM's new electric concept car, the extraordinary-looking EN-V.. Watch Video about Diagonal View,Video,General Motors by Metacafe.com
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    News, information, and discussion about the General Motors Chevrolet Volt electric car
  3. General Motors Concept Cars  
    The car was driven by a GM executive for many years and still exists in the Alfred P. Sloan Museum. Photos: Mark S. Gustavson Concept Car Photo Archives. The Buick Centurion was another Fifties' styling exercise by GM Styling. This car, with a fiberglas body, was non functional.
  4. AutoSpeed - Revisited: The GM Concept Cars  
    One of our most popular articles has been our coverage of some of the GM Concept cars of the 1950s and 1960s. ... The 1938 Buick Y-Job is generally considered the industry's first concept car.
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    General Motors is dedicated to seeking innovative ways to design our cars and adopting the latest technology. Visit GM.com to learn more!
  6. GM Picks Top Concept Cars, Too  
    You'll never get the chance to drive one--but GM, while it's naming its favorite production cars from its own stocks, is also putting pen to paper to list the best concept cars it's ever fabricated, too. It all started with Harley Earl, who was
  7. DailyTech - GM's New Electric Concept Car  
    Tesla Motors has a car in production that gets 250 miles on a 8 hour charge with their new Lithium battery technology. ... I'd assume this GM concept car is not going to cost $100k like Tesla does.
  8. GM AUTOnomy | Concept Cars  
    Concept Cars: GM AUTOnomy. Make. General Motors. Model. AUTOnomy. Concept year. 2002. Production ... The GM AUTOnomy shown at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show was the first vehicle to be designed
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    GM Concept Cars (GM_Concept_Cars) is on Twitter. Sign up for Twitter to follow GM Concept Cars (GM_Concept_Cars) and get their latest updates
  10. Concept car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
    A concept vehicle or show vehicle is a car made to showcase new styling and or new technology. ... General Motors designer Harley Earl is generally credited with inventing the concept, or show, car, and did much to popularize it through its traveling Motorama shows of the 1950s.
  11. AutoSpeed - The GM Concept Cars  
    The 1938 Buick Y-Job is generally considered the industry's first concept car. Created by General Motors Styling and Buick Engineering, it was designed by Harley J. Earl, GM's first design chief, and built on a production Buick chassis modified by Charlie Chayne, then Buick's chief engineer.
  12. GM EN-V Concept Car Could Fit Into An Apartment (PHOTOS)  
    *See pictures below*SHANGHAI — It's not quite as foldable as the space vehicle that cartoon figure George Jetson pops into his briefcase as he bops into the office. But the EN-V concept car, GM's "automobile solution" for the future, just
  13. GM Car Hero – New GM Concept car | Cars show  
    The idea is for the automated vehicle to give challenges to the driver. The GM Car Hero is a futuristic vehicle aimed at offering the driver an experience
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    As General Motors prepares to reflect on its first 100 years, a concept car that runs on a battery may be the key to longevity into and well beyond its next century. Concept cars, or fantasy vehicles, help build interest in the product and keep
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    Read about the 2011 General Motors Future Cars, view concept photos, read about styling and production plans, and more from Motor Trend and Automotive.com
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    GM EN-V Concept while most of us never think on how the cars will look like in 2030 there are people out there that want to bring a part of the future in our days. in china for example gm launched the en-v nbsp
  17. Chevy Mi-ray wins "Best Concept Car" award at Seoul Motor ...  
    "This honor is even more special as it was given to Chevrolet's first concept car displayed in Korea at the brand's very first stand at a domestic auto show," said GM Korea President and CEO Mike Arcamone. " It recognizes Chevrolet's future vision and new ideas.
  18. Experimental and Concept Cars - General Motors  
    HOME PAGE • Chrysler • Ford/Lincoln • General Motors • Other • Chuck's Toyland ... PONTIAC Concept. B U I C K C o n c e p t. O L D S M O B I L E C o n c e p t. P O N T I A C C
  19. GM's EN-V concept car: auto redo for green future  
    GM, China partner launch EN-V concept car, rethinking the automobile for greener future
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    The 'Car Hero' is General Motors entry for the 2009 Design Challenge held by the LA Auto Show. ... The GM Car Hero concept is a refreshingly ingenious idea. It may not be practical, it may not even be