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    How will I know my Sales Tax No Tax Due online return has been filed? ... I need to amend a sales and use tax return that was recently filed. How do I do this? To amend a NYS Sales and Use Tax return, you must send a
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    RAND New York Sales Tax Rates reports sales tax rates for New York counties and some cities. Cities reported reflect jurisdictions where the city sales tax rate is different from that of the county. The source for these data is the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Area. Rate
  3. Out-of-State Sales Tax Collection Obligations  
    XYZ may have similar arrangements with other representatives in New York, but otherwise has no other additional connection with New York state that would cause XYZ to register as a New York state sales tax vendor. Based on its agreement with Ski Club
  4. FormDTF-17:4/07: Application to Register for a Sales Tax ...  
    We encourage you to apply for your sales tax Certificate of Authority on New York State's Online Permit Assistance and Licensing Web site at ... 13 Date you will begin business in NYS for sales tax purposes:
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    Subject: Enhancing New York State's fiscal stability through a more rational and streamlined sales tax system. The sales and use tax is New York State's second-largest tax revenue source, accounting for almost 19 percent of all state tax receipts in the 2007-2008 fiscal year.
    These New York sales tax hints have been formulated from the experience gained during two sales tax audits at Pentagram, including a trip to Albany with the AIGA sales tax committee to talk with senior New York State civil servants in the department of taxation and finance.
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    Find the Current Combined State and Local Sales Tax Rate. Go to the Business Taxpayer Page (Tax Department) Go to the Practitioner Page (Tax Department) Locate your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. See the Menu of Online Services Available from the NYS Tax Department
  8. NYS DMV - Vehicle Registration - Transfer Ownership and ...  
    NYS DMV, Vehicle Registration - Transfer Ownership and Surrender Registration ... The DMV office collects the sales tax from the new owner if the new owner is required to pay any sales tax.
  9. NYSBA | NYS Taxation Department issues memo regarding sales ...  
    The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance ("Department") recently explained its interpretation of current tax law regarding sales and compensating use tax treatment of certain information services. The Department's action is not
  10. Data Detectives: Sales Tax Rates On Clothing, Footwear ...  
    For jurisdictions that did not enact an exemption from the local sales tax, all sales of clothing and footwear are subject to the full state and local sales tax. For jurisdictions that provided for this exemption, only the New York State tax (and MCTD tax, if applicable) will be charged.
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    Call a business attorney at Greenspan &in White Plains or New City for advice about New York State sales tax problems
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    Your browser will need to support JavaScript to use all of the NYS Tax and Finance site ... Tax Professionals. Government &Researchers. Most people e-file. Why don't you? Or see if you qualify for Free File, like half of
  13. FAE Conferences  
    Norman W. Ayers is a tax audit administrator in the Sales Tax Audit Bureau of the New York State Department of Taxation &Finance. He is responsible for the Sales Tax Field Audit Program, which includes over 500 auditors in 12 district offices.
  14. Utility Sales Tax Refund in New York State  
    Business Management Group specializes in processing refunds of the sales tax paid on utility costs for manufacturing businesses in New York State
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    Your browser will need to support JavaScript to use all of the NYS Tax and Finance site ... Web site do not reflect recent changes in Tax Department services and contact information.
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    New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Quarterly ST-100 New York State and Local June July August Quarterly Sales and Use Tax Return Tax period June 1, 2008 – August 31, 2008 Sales tax identification number September 2008 Legal name
  17. AICE : Resource Center : New York State Sales Tax  
    The following is from A Guide To Sales Tax For The Film Industry published by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, Publication 28 (5/05). Publication 28 is available as a pdf file on the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance web site.
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    What is the New York State sales tax rate? What are the local rates? Do I have to file a New York State estate tax return? I have questions regarding the following form ... Can I file my New York State Sales Tax Return electronically? How are corporation tax payments made on an electronic return? Can
  19. Sales Tax Jurisdiction and Rate Lookup  
    Disclaimer: Use this electronic service to obtain the current combined State and local sales tax rate and the proper jurisdiction and jurisdiction code for the entered address. ... This information will assist you in the accurate reporting of sales tax on your New York State Sales Tax return.
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    Tax Rates. On items 1-9 above, the City sales tax rate is 4.5 percent (in addition to the New York State sales and use tax of 4 percent and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge of 0.375%), for a total Sales and Use tax of 8.875 percent.